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A blog to update all about YeWook couple of Super Junior

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Apr 27 '11

[Announcement] We’re moving

First of all,thank you to all new followers.And sorry for coming back from the hiatus.

Unfortunately,I won’t be using this tumblr anymore since I’ve got a new blog to update all about YeWook

sorry for the sudden change.feel free to unfollow this tumblr after this

Thank you for have been supporting this tumblr ^^.

You still can find me in fyeahkimyewook (for random posts/spams about yewook) though.

Thank you very much,and please support our new YeWook blog :)

Feb 19 '11


This’d be my last post til two next months.

I’m gonna be on hiatus,and this tumblr is not going to be updated til at least the end of April.

Anyways,in case you don’t know,we have a YeWook channel on Youtube

<- please do subscribe :D , also please follow Fyeahkimyewook if you haven’t ^^

(Although those two accounts are going to be on hiatus as well)

That’s all.See ya in next two months ^^/

Feb 19 '11
[110219] Freed Perry Endorsement-Yesung
look who&#8217;s behind yesung?lol
credits&#160;: Freed Perry,Sapphirepearls

[110219] Freed Perry Endorsement-Yesung

look who’s behind yesung?lol

credits : Freed Perry,Sapphirepearls

Feb 19 '11

[110212]  KRY concert in Seoul talk by @yesungfancom

2:01-2:02 Yesung danced to ‘Blame it on the girls’ and you can see Wook joined him for a while!XD

Anyone can translate what’re they talking about?

Credits to / ysfan6 @ YT

Feb 12 '11

[110211] YeWook moment at KRY concert in Seoul (screencaps from fancam)

that’s Wook’s hand on Yesung’s shoulder :D

and then Ryeowook’s looking at Yesung

credits : janedoe24shfly , fancam here